ClassNotes Residency at Leon High and Cobb Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida May 2014 “Courage and Resilience: Music of the Holocaust”

This is a short clip from Cobb Middle School’s performance on June 7, 2014 of Brundibar, a children’s opera that was performed 55 times in the Terezin concentration camp.  This was the second part of a ClassNotes residency about music and the Holocaust in Tallahassee, Florida.  ClassNotes’ violinist Sharon Roffman led the orchestra of mostly students from Leon High School; the chorus was comprised of middle and elementary school students.  One of the original cast members, Ela Stein Weissberger, now 78 (she played the cat,) came to talk to the students about her experiences in Terezin performing the opera.  As Ela herself said, she thought Brundibar would die in the gas chambers.  The fact that it still has life is an homage to the composer Hans Krasa and the other musicians who didn’t survive, and a remarkable testament of the power and resilience of the human spirit.

ClassNotes Residency at Leon High School makes the local news!

Letters from Leon students after our “Music in the Holocaust” residency May 2014

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Sharon, Max, Caitlin and Leon HIgh School history teacher Erica Sears at Music in the Holocaust Residency, Tallahassee Florida May 2014

photoThe trio plays works written in the concentration camp for Cobb Middle School students, Tallahassee, May 2014