Private Lessons via Zoom

Sharon offers private lessons via Zoom for serious students of all levels.  For more information, please get in touch via the contact form.

ClassNotes, Inc.

ClassNotes is a non-profit chamber music ensemble dedicated to introducing young people to classical music. Founded by Sharon Roffman in 2006, ClassNotes specializes in creating and performing in-school workshops and residencies that culminate in public performances for students and the surrounding community. Musicians go directly into the classroom for one week, teaching a curriculum specifically tailored to each class, integrating musical and academic concepts using live musical examples and interactive exercises. The same musicians perform for the community at the end of each residency. By bringing musicians who are both articulate teachers and exemplary artists into classrooms and onto stages, ClassNotes seeks to inspire informed, engaged and enthusiastic new audiences.

Video by Chris Strand and Strand Communications

The Prinz Project — Holocaust and Civil Rights Era Music Curriculum for High School Students

Created by Sharon Roffman in 2015 in conjunction with the IRIS Orchestra, The Prinz Project is an outreach initiative and online curriculum to accompany I Will Not Remain Silent, a new violin concerto by Bruce Adolphe, premiered by Sharon Roffman with Michael Stern conducting the IRIS orchestra on January 24, 2015 in Germantown, Tennessee.   This piece is inspired by the life of Rabbi Joachim Prinz (1902-1988) an immigrant from Nazi Germany and an American civil rights activist, who bridged the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement, transcending race and religion into a universal fight for freedom and human dignity.  The Prinz Project online curriculum is intended to supplement live in-school classroom lessons, and to serve as a guide for teachers and an entry point for students (and audiences) to examine the life and message of Rabbi Prinz and explore the capacity of music, art and literature to express the human condition and change the world. Visit The Prinz Project website here.

Music and Art Online Curriculum for Elementary School Students

Sharon created a comprehensive two year online curriculum about the relationship between music and art for the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and since 2011 has been teaching in Australia through live workshops and remotely via video conferencing.

Bernstein Serenade

An online exploration of Leonard Bernstein’s Serenade after Plato’s Symposium for violin, string orchestra and harp.