Bernstein calls this “perhaps the most moving speech of the dialogue…[embracing] all aspects of love’s powers, charms and functions.” This movement is in three parts. The first part and the third part are the same — a sweet, lilting melody for the solo violin soaring above the orchestra. The middle part is a passionate cadenza (a virtuosic passage for the violin solo) filled with tension.

On the recording, the first part is beginning to 2:42. The middle part is 2:42-5:25ish, the 3rd part is from there until the end.

Remember the opening few notes of the love theme in the very first movement? They get transformed into a delicate, rocking accompaniment in the violin and cello sections. In fact, Bernstein writes that it should sound, ”murmuring.”

So the form of this movement looks like this:

Here’s a short excerpt of the opening melody…

(Please forgive the horrible sound quality of these homemade videos, made with an iphone in a NYC apartment!)