Read Zora Neale Hurston’s Essay, How It Feels to Be Colored Me

On first read, underline phrases you think are important, put a question mark next to phrases that puzzle you, and an exclamation mark next to those passages that give you an “aha” moment.  Read again and jot down questions in the margin, anything that comes to mind, without judgment or extra reflection.  Categorize your questions for class discussions.

Consider Hurston’s description of music in the jazz club.  How does she describe the visceral effect of music?  Have you ever had a similar response to music?   When?  From what music?  How did you feel?  Is Hurston’s response to music internal or external?  Do you think someone sitting next to her at the club would have noticed her reaction?   How do you respond to her description of her white friend at the Jazz club?  Does music really only speak to one population of people or does it unify the masses?

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