Everybody’s Neighbor Art Exhibit

In his speech at the March on Washington, Joachim Prinz said, “Neighbor is not a geographic term. It is a moral concept. It means our collective responsibility for the preservation of man’s dignity and integrity.”

We asked students in the greater Memphis area to express what the concept of “everybody’s neighbor” means to them in today’s world in the form of a photograph, painting, sketch, or short poem.  Here are just a few of the amazing entries we received.  (The originals were displayed in a special exhibition at the Memphis Jewish Community Center and the Germantown Performing Arts Center in January 2015.)

What does “everybody’s neighbor” mean to you?  Send a photo of your artwork or poem to info@classnotesinfo.org with your name, grade and school and a brief description of your work, and we will post it on this page.

St. George Independent School – Memphis,Tennessee

 Germantown High School — Germantown, Tennessee

 Overton High School — Memphis, Tennessee

Pierce School — Brookline, Massachusetts

Colonial Middle School — Memphis, Tennessee

North Port High School — North Port, Florida